Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions
Here you will find the answers to the usual questions concerning the use of
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    What is Subelotodo?
    We are a safe site used to buy or sell new or used products all over Central America, Panama, Dominican Republic and the United States. You can sell in the auction modality, with a fixed price or combine both. Subelotodo contects buyers and sellers so that they realize transactions in a simple, fast, safe and anonymous way.
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    How do I buy?
    Buying in Subelotodo is easy.

    Find the product that you wish to buy, make an offer or Buy Now! Once the Offer or your product´s payment is made, confirm it. To keep up with the Auction, checkth notifications or the other Buying Users Offers. If you are still willing to paymore, do so during the duration of the Auction.

    If you won the Auction, you will receive a notification to realize the payment for the Product.
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    How do I pay for my product?
    You can pay in Subelotodo through a Pagadito account or using your credit or debit card. Verify that your card is authorized to realize international transactions and online.
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    What is Pagadito?
    It´s the safe payment platform allied to Subelotodo in which you associate a credit or debit card to realize or receive payments online. Pagadito counts with VerSign´s certificationand metts with the requirements of PCI DSS. (Data Security Standard for the Payment Cards Industry).

    You must have a Pagadito account, its a requirement to sell in or receive money from your sales.
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    How do I receive my product?
    After confirming your payment, we will automatically send a Transport Guide to the Selling User, and a notification to our Shipping and Handling Associate, who will take care of delivering the Product at the specified address. You´ll also receive the information to keep up with the delivery.

    If your address belongs to an area that isn´t directly attended by our Shipping and Handling Associate, you´ll be asked to pick up your Product at their nearest Service Center.
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    How do I sell?
    Sign In to

    Click in Sell Here! in the home page. Choose your Sale´s Modality.
    In the publication of your product, describe itand upload your images. You can decide if you want to sell only to National Buyers or International ones too. To end choose the delivery method and publish.
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    How do I sell at a fixed price?
    Choose Fixed Price as the Sale´s Modality and establish the price at which the buyers can purchase your product in an immediate way.
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    How do I sell in an auction?
    Choose Auction as the Sale´s Modality and establish an initial price so that the buyers make offers for your product.

    Within this modality, you can decide a Sale´s Minimum Price that only you will know. In case the bidders don´t reach this price, you are not obliged to sell. You can include the option of selling with a Fixed Price as well, defining the Price at which your Product can be purchased before the auction is over.
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    How do I deliver my Product?
    For national shippments, DHL can realize your product´s pick up or you can take it to the nearest Service Center. Or you can agree with your buyer to deliver the product to him.

    The international shippments are made through DHL Express. At the moment of publishing you´ll see the list of Dropoff Locations DHL closest to the address that you entered. Your buyer is responsible for the shipping expenses.
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    How do I receive my money?
    When selling a Product, the Buying User will realize the payment through Pagadito or his credit card. The money for your Product´s sale is the added to your Pagadito account in a term no longer than 48 hours after the Buying User has accepted your Product, or the period to make claims has expired. You can take those funds out of the credit or debit card that you have linked in Pagadito.

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