Terms And Conditions Of Use

I. General Information

This document contains the terms and conditions applicable to the use of the web site and the services offered by Subastalotodo. Limited liability company, which is a society organized and incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Panama and will operate through the website www.subelotodo.com or different websites redirected to this from different ccTLDs (Country Code Top Level Domain), refer to that on us as "Subelotodo".


Any natural person or juridical, that wants to use the site and/or the services of Subelotodo may do so upon registration as a user of the system. In addition, must accept and agree to the terms and conditions of use set forth in this agreement., as well as the other policies that govern Subelotodo, and are considered an integral part of the contract, which has the nature of binding between the parties.


II. Capacity to Contract

The use of the web site and the services offered by Subelotodo, are available for natural or legal persons having legal capacity to exercise to employ, i.e.. they are capable of exercising rights and acquire the same obligations by itself without the need for authorization from another. Therefore, the insane and children under 18 years of age are unable to contract these services, among other persons without legal capacity to contract.


In the case of legal persons who contracted on behalf of these, it should be whoever has the legitimate and sufficient quality to do so.


Users who have been temporarily suspended or disabled permanently from the system will not have access to Subelotodo services.


III. Inscriptions

It’s required that every user completes the registration form in all its fields with your personal information accurate and true, and that establishes the pseudonym under which to operate the system.


The user is committed to updating the personal information as changes occur in the same, or at the request of Subelotodo: likewise take responsibility and guarantee the veracity, accuracy and validity of the entered personal information.


Subelotodo is not responsible for the accuracy of the personal information provided by users. However, you can use the appropriate means to validate your identity and reserve the right not to validate the registration to those whose personal information haven’t been confirmed according to the policies of Subelotodo, which may vary according to the legal or internal requirements of Subelotodo.


When the identity of the parties is validated and confirmed and getting to know the user ID under which will operate the user, Subelotodo grants the authorization of access to the computing platform. The user will access his personal account ("account") by entering your user ID and password chosen by his ("personal key”), which shall be maintained in a confidential manner.


The account is personal, unique and non-transferable, and is forbidden that a user enters or possess more than one account. When Subelotodo detects irregularities or data matching or related in more than one account it may cancel or suspend such accounts without any consequence, in addition, it’s prohibited the sale, assignment, or transfer of an account and reputation to any title, either against payment or free of charge.


The user will be responsible for all transactions on your account. If the user knows or suspects an unauthorized use of his account, as well as entry by unauthorized third parties must change their password and report it to soporte@subelotodo.com.


IV. Reputation of the user

Confirming the veracity of the identity of the users is not easy, that’s why Subelotodo offers a system of reputation of the user, through which a user can know the trajectory of another user that performs transactions. The system consists of points of the user, that includes scores and comments on their transactions, and other indicators that give light of the behavior of the user within Subelotodo.


Subelotodo is not responsible for the comments issued by the users, or the veracity. Notwithstanding, Subelotodo deletes all the comments that do not comply with the guidelines established for that purpose, it may even limit rights of purchase and sale and can to cancel the registration of the user as a member of Subelotodo.


For more information see reputation of the User.


V. Goods Listing

1. Products and Services Publication

The Selling User must offer products and services in the categories or appropriate subcategories that are provided in Subelotodo. On the other hand, it is understood that by including the product or service in Subelotodo, the user seller has the obligation and the legitimate right to sell the product or service he offered, or that he is empowered to do so by the owner and has it available for immediate delivery.


The product or service offered by the seller user must be accurately described in terms of all its relevant characteristics, including their status, origin, quality, quantity, weight or measure, price, taxes (if governed) and driving conditions and delivery. In addition, a seller user can include within the product and/or service descriptions and photographs, among others, in such a way that allows to identify what is offering.


The images and/or photographs should correspond to the products or services offered. Subelotodo may, without liability, prevent the publication of images or photographs, even of the product and/or service, if interpreted in its sole discretion, that the image does not comply with the terms of this agreement.


Its established that prices of products or services in the form of fixed price shall be expressed with the corresponding sales or value-added taxes in the country of the seller user already included and in dollars of the United States of America. Under the auction mode, means that taxes applicable in the country of the seller user sale or value added, are included in the value of the winning bidder of the auction. Subelotodo may include a currency converter to display the price on the publishing of product or service page.


Information or advertising of products or services which are disseminated. It is the exclusive responsibility of who publishes them, and you must be truthful, verifiable and free dialogue, sounds, or other descriptions that induces or may induce to error or confusion, by their inaccuracy.


Subelotodo reserves the right to remove without liability any publication that violates this clause or whose price is not expressed in this way to avoid confusion as to the Final price of the product. In addition, they shall not advertise other means of payment other than those set out by Subelotodo in the placement of products or services page. When these offences are committed, Subelotodo can edit the space or to cancel the publication where the offense is, in no case they will be returned or bonify the publication charge.


Publications of the products or services must respect the Terms and Conditions of Use herein contained and policies related such as: Publication Policies, prohibited Products and Services and Product that infringe Intellectual property rights.


2. Prohibited Products and Services

Products and/or services that may be published may be those whose sale is not prohibited in the present Terms and Conditions of Use and other policies of Subelotodo or by applicable law. For more information see Prohibited Products and Services.


3. Intellectual Property Protection

Subelotodo assumes in good faith that the products and/or services that are published by users of the web site don’t infringe the rights of intellectual property of third parties.


Subelotodo will receive any Claim of who’s alleged to be the holder of intellectual property rights and will proceed immediately, without any liability, to remove images or photographs of the product and/or service that violate such rights. At the same time, if Subelotodo suspects that an infringing activity of intellectual property rights being or has been committed. We will take all necessary measures to preserve such rights, give notice to the legitimate holder and deny access to the offending user, as well as unilaterally terminate this agreement and disable the offender. For more information see Products that Infringe Intellectual Property Rights.


VI. Information Privacy

To use the services offered by Subelotodo, users must provide certain personal data. Your personal information is processed and stored on servers or magnetic media that maintain high standards of safety and protection, both physical and technological. For more information, see Reservation Policy for Information.


VII. Shipping, reception and acceptance of the product

Subelotodo facilitates handling and shipping services through our strategic partner DHL Express international shipping to national products in all the countries of Central America, Panama and the Dominican Republic.


On the other hand, users can agree the Delivery of their products when they are purchased Nationally.


It’s a general rule that the buyer is responsible for all shipping and handling costs, insurance, customs procedures. costs of storage and the corresponding tariffs. For more information see Shipping and Handling Policies.


VIII. Tariffs and Taxes

The different tax obligations arising from transactions carried out in the Subelotodo platform are the responsibility solely of Selling and Buying Users as appropriate. It is exclusive obligation of the seller to deliver proof of the sale made, that may be applicable (for example: invoice, ticket, proof of tax credit.) Bill of export, among others); so as is sole responsibility of the buyer require such documentation. For international purchases, it is the buyer who takes charge of the payment of the corresponding fees.


IX. Charges

Signing in and making publications in Subelotodo is free, only the Commission by Sale will be charged.


Value is charged to the seller, it consists of a fixed charge a percentage of the final price of the sale more and it will be deducted when the sale is made. For more information see Charges.


The charges exposed here can be changed in the annexes, increased or decreased, at the exclusive discretion of Subelotodo. This will be notified to users and/or will be published on the portal of Subelotodo.


Subelotodo will conduct necessary and relevant judicial and extrajudicial procedures for the payment of any amount owed by users.


X. Penalties and restrictions to the Subelotodo users

1. Restrictions

The Subelotodo users are prohibited of:

  • Violating laws, the different provisions in these Terms and Conditions of Use and other Policies of Subelotodo;
  • Break his commitments as a Subelotodo user;
  • Publish and/or put forbidden product by these Temrs and Contions of Use, other policies and the corresponding laws for sale;
  • Distort the prices of the products and/or services;
  • Interrupt or meddle in a bid being made between different users in the auction modality;
  • Verbally insult or attack other users:
  • Communicate in any way with the other users while the sale offer of the good is valid. This is without prejudice of the questions and answers relevant and permitted in the area established for that purpose.:
  • Make use of the user’s reputation in another space different from Subelotodo’s;
  • Give false information to Subelotodo;
  • Reveal your personal information or the one from other users in any way;
  • Realize fraudulent or willful acts and/or conducts.

2. Penalties to the Restrictions concurrence

If the user violates the present restrictions or if his identity cannot be verified. Subelotodo will carry out an investigation and concludes something that attend the above restrictions, the user who carried them out can be penalized with the suspension or termination of the offer on the article in question, user score reduction, cancellation of your registration as a user, or others deemed by Subelotodo according to the specific case. These penalties do not exclude the right of Subelotodo chasing the offender by the relevant judicial routes.


The products or services that a user has posted, and tenders have been made shall be deleted from Subelotodo platform without any responsibility, when the penalty imposed is the suspension or cancellation of the user.


3. Infractions to the Information Platform

Users are forbidden to carry out actions or using appliances, programs, software or others seeking to interrupt, intervene, penetrate or intrude on the normal functioning of Subelotodo; in the publications of products or services, accounts of users or computer systems of Subelotodo. and all those who seek to violate or infringe databases and/or intellectual property rights.


The attempt or completion of these activities make infringing users on creditors of the sanctions described in the previous section, so Subelotodo reserves the right to take the appropriate legal action and the claim of compensation for damages that corresponds.


XI. Claims Resolution System

In the event that, there is a claim of any user who possibly impeded the fulfilment of the obligations of a purchase, or influence on the delivery of a product or service, this must be fastened to the claims settlement mechanism implemented by Subelotodo. For activated, the claimant must complete the claims form explaining the reasons for your claim during the first 3 days after receiving the product or service. After receiving the note, Subelotodo will contact the user designated by the claimant and given 3 days to present his version of the facts. Once both versions are received and analyzed, Subelotodo will take a final and unappealable decision which shall inform the claimant and the involved user. If the user bound by the decision does not comply with the decision, Subelotodo reserves the right to removes it from their user base, not to let him return to bid or buy through Subelotodo and publish an objective comment on the behavior of that user.


If despite the claims settlement mechanism, one or more users or any third party to initiate any legal action against other users, each and every one of the users involved in such claims or actions exempt from any responsibility to Subelotodo and its directors, managers, employees, agents, operators. representatives and agents.


For more information about the Claims Resolution Mechanism see Claims Resolution Mechanism.


XII. Subelotodo’s Responsabilities

1. Subelotodo Services

The user recognises that the intervention of Subelotodo is limited to


  • Administer a digital platform that allows its selling users to publish products and/or services for sale.
  • Administrate a digital platform that allows its buying users to offer for such products and/or services.

Therefore, this contract does not create any contract of Agency, representation, licensing or employment relationship between the user and Subelotodo’s society, mandate.


The user acknowledges that Subelotodo has no control over:


  • The quality, security or legality of the Products announced by the users.
  • The veracity of the announcements.
  • The capacity of the users to contract.
  • The veracity of the identity or personal information given by the users.
  • The veracity of the third party’s advertisement that appears in the web site

Subelotodo does not ensure that a user will complete an operation and will not be responsible for correspondence or contracts that he celebrates with third parties appearing on the web site or with other users.


2. Subelotodo commitment regarding user interaction

Users perform at their own risk the various operations with other users or third parties, Subelotodo is not responsible for consequential damages or lost profits. derivatives transactions carried out or not, nor for any products or services published on its platform.


The user acknowledges that Subelotodo is only an electronic medium through which the users carry out transactions, but at no time Subelotodo is responsible for the fulfilment of the obligations arising out of them. Subelotodo clarifies that it is not owner or possessor of the items or services published on its platform by sellers, and therefore cannot respond to quality, amount or accuracy of products placed on sale. Subelotodo is not responsible for the accuracy of the personal information provided by users or their ability to acquire obligations.

The user undertakes to behave with restraint, prudence and diligence, in transactions with other users, and assumes the risks of contracting with unable to or users using a false identity.


3. Subelotodo commitment facing system failures

Subelotodo is committed to ensuring the proper functioning of our system. If this disruption, Subelotodo will restore the system as soon as possible and will take the necessary measures to compensate the damage caused when the conditions set out in System Failure Policies. In any case, the maximum amount by which Subelotodo can answer is equivalent to commissions and charged to the user by Subelotodo publications. For more information see System Failure Policies.


Subelotodo won’t respond to the users in the face of damages and detriments derived from:

  • Failures in the user’s Internet server;
  • Viruses attacking your equipment because of entering or using Subelotodo:
  • Viruses that attack your equipment because of transferring text archives, images or sounds, etcetera that come from the use or access to Subelotodo

XIII. Intellectual Property of Subelotodo

The brand and domain name Subelotodo, the web site Subelotodo, the contents of screens, database programs, networks, and files related to the services of Subelotodo and allowing the user to access and use your account, are the property of Subelotodo and they are protected by the laws and International Intellectual Property Treaties. Abuse and the total or partial reproduction of this and are prohibited, unless expressly authorized in writing by Subelotodo.


Within the Subelotodo web site links to other web sites can exist which does not indicate that they are owned or operated by Subelotodo and the presence of links to other web sites does not imply a relationship or Subelotodo back to those sites. Therefore, because Subelotodo has no control over such sites. It will not have any responsibility for the content, materials, actions or services provided by them, nor for damages caused by the use of the same.


XIV. Compensation

The user shall indemnify Subelotodo, its affiliates, subsidiaries and/or taxpayer, executives, administrators, representatives and employees, for any claim or demand from other users or third parties for your activities on the website, by the breach of the Terms and Conditions of Use and other policies or for the violation of any law or rights of third parties, including the costs.


XV. Annexes

They are an integral part of this contract the Subelotodo policies that are presented below:


Sale Modalities

Information Reserve Policies

Pseudonym Policy

Publication Policies

Prohibited Products and Services

Products that infringe the Intellectual Property Rights

User’s Reputation

Interactive Zone Norms


Claims Resolution Mechanism

Modification of the Terms and Conditions of Use Policies

System Failures Policies



XVI. Modifications of the Agreement

Subelotodo reserves the right to change or update at any time this agreement and other policies. These modifications will be made public to users through a notification via email or published on the web site.


However, if the user is not in accordance with such changes, you must notify Subelotodo, within a period of 72 hours from the time of notification. Faced with this situation, the contractual link shall be dissolved and will be cancelled as a user, provided you don't have outstanding obligations.


Expired within 72 hours without communication of non-conformity, shall be deemed that the user accepts the new terms and the contract will continue linking to both parties.


XVII. Official Time

Set as official time Subelotodo GMT-5 (Panama), by which all transactions made through this platform shall comply with the mentioned time regardless of the country from where the transactions are made.


XVIII. Home and applicable Law

This agreement will be governed by the laws of the Republic of Panama. The user renounces his home and for the purposes of this agreement designated as special address Panama City and submits to the jurisdiction and laws of the Republic of Panama. Panama City is set as home Subastalotodo, limited liability company. Republic of Panama.



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