Safe Zone

Our certifications.
Get to know the different international certifications that credit us as a virtual space with a high securityt grade and the best in technology.
Our Strategic Partners.
Discover the prestigious and solid enterprises that back up our purchase and selling portal.
Our Reserve of Use Policy of the information.
Be informed about our policies for the use of your personal and financial information.
How to safely buy?
Find in this section suggestions on purchasing with total security.
How to safely sell?
Get to know our recommendations to sell in a completely safe way.
User Reputation.
The User Reputation helps us to keep safe our Users web. Learn how to use it to realize a successfull transaction.
Protect your account and password.
Find here our advices to keep your account protected.
Identify a fake e-mail
We offer you a couple of tips so that you can distinguish fake e-mails more easily.

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